Business ACCESS-Ability grants

Apply now for the 2023 – 2024 Business ACCESS-Ability programs.

The deadline for the fiscal year is February 14. 

There are five categories of funding available for businesses that can apply for a cost-shared grant to make accessibility-related improvements. These improvements can be for clients and customers, for employees, or both.

Built Environment:

Removing physical barriers for persons to access business services, by installing ramps, accessible washrooms, door openers, and other projects.

Accessible Communications Services:

Ensuring that all customers, clients, and employees can access information related to a business.

Assistive Devices:

Ensuring that employees and consumers who are people with disabilities have the devices they need to effectively do their jobs and access places of business.

Universal Design Capacity Building:

Training in the field of Universal Design, both for technical services professionals and for persons with disabilities wishing to better understand its value.

Accessible Transportation:

Providing support for businesses to improve access to transportation services.

When applying, keep in mind:

  • The maximum grant amounts available per year is $100,000 over multiple categories, per applicant
  • Features and improvements required by law, legislation, or the Nova Scotia Building code are not eligible
  • Only recognized educational institutions or organizations that deliver training and educational services targeted at the business community are eligible for the Universal Design Capacity funding category
  • Please ensure requested documentation is included in your application to prevent delays in processing

You can download a PDF of the program guidelines here.

The Business ACCESS-Ability Program furthers the Province of Nova Scotia’s commitment to equal opportunity and improving accessibility for persons with disabilities.