Map of Nova Scotia showing park sites

Reservations for Nova Scotia Parks

The Provincial Parks website has opened for campsite bookings for the 2024 season.

A virtual waiting room will be used on the reservation website. With the expected high demand for campsites, it is encourage that you plan for several dates and campsite options. Almost 50% of the season’s campsite bookings are completed during the April reservations launch days. Once a park opens for reservations in April, campsite bookings can be made throughout the season.

Many camping parks are scheduled to open Victoria Day weekend with the remaining opening in early June. A list of which parks you can book each day can be found here.

It is recommend that you log into your account to confirm that your username and password are correct.

Nova Scotia Parks is letting everyone know that Little Rissers beach will not have all campsites available for booking due to damages from Hurricane Lee in September 2023. Campsites are available at North Rissers. Campsites 1-19 and 48 – 57 at Rissers Beach will remain closed. The wooded sites 20 – 47 at Little Rissers are expected to become available later in the season. Updates will be provided on our website and social media.

Smileys will not be available for booking on April 4th due to damages from the July 2023 flood. Campsites 1 – 15 are closed indefinitely while we determine next steps. It is expected that Smileys campsites 16 – 80 will open later this season. Updates will be provided on the parks website and social media platforms.